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Conditional bottom panel tabs

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  • Conditional bottom panel tabs

    Hi, loving the new tabs features.

    A question for you. ..

    On my Accounts entity, I have many bottom panels, let's focus on Opportunities and Leads.

    I want these on their own tabs, which is easy with the new functionality.

    What I would like to do it make the panels conditional on there being some data, so only show the Leads panel / tab if the Account has Leads, the same is true for Opportunities.

    I suppose this is more a question about conditional panels than tabs, but your guidance appreciated either way.


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    Hi MatLudlam,

    Let's take a look at the Opportunities panel as an example.

    1. Go to Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Fields and create a field with type Boolean (screenshot 1).
    2. In Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Layouts > Bottom Panels click on the pencil (screenshot 2).
    • In the window that opens, under Conditions making panel visible, click on Edit (screenshot 3).
    • ​In the second window that opens, press on AND > Field (screenshot 4).
    • YOUR_FIELD_NAME > Is True, and press Apply (screenshot 5). And of course, save all settings in the Bottom Panels with the Save button after all changes.​
    3. ​In Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Layouts > Detail output your field YOUR_FIELD_NAME, which will serve as the button to turn Opportunities panelOn/Off. ​
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      Interesting concept you have.

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    It works extremely fast and looks like this:
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      victor - thanks for the help. What I was really after was some way of doing this automatically, so that Panels only showed if they had data in them. I could do something with BPMs hidden fields, and queries, but it is complicated and I need to do it on every entity. I was hoping that there was some easy way.