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Espo CRM interface accessibility from a WCAG perspective

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  • Espo CRM interface accessibility from a WCAG perspective

    Hi there

    We have a possible user-base of people who make use of forms of assisstive technology, like screen readers, and so on, and, wile might be able to tweak Espo CRM user interface in a couple of different ways by working on the HTML markup elements, implementing small changes to javascript, and so on, was wondering if this has ever come up, been mentioned, or been considered by either the actual developers, or anyone else, including extension developers?

    Ask this, since, for example, the button elements that are used to expand sets of functionality interface items are not necessarily rendering as labeled to me - I am myself a 100% blind web developer - and, either using markup that matches w3c markup specifications, or specifically implementing certain aria attributes could possibly sort this out most easily/simply, but, was initially just wondering if anyone else has been in a situation where this was brought to mind?

    Now, this is partly since, in the modern age, whole lives take place on the internet, so, it counts as a form of good practice to implement/maintain accessibility standards, and, will post some URL's below, in case people are not sure what am referring to.

    W3C web-content-accessibility-guidelines:

    Introduces the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, including WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, and WCAG 2.2. WCAG documents explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

    NVDA - non-visual-desktop-access, free, open-source screenreader for windows platform:

    Empowering lives through non-visual access to technology

    Lastly - just in case relevant - what people are not aware of, in the context of global accessibility is that almost all modern platforms, or operating systems offer built-in forms of screenreader assisstive technology, etc. - will just list some of the more-or-less native ones here, but, on most platforms there are also additional alternatives -

    windows = narrator

    mac = voiceOver

    android = talkback

    iPhone = voiceOver

    linux = orca