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Issue when Uploading an .png Image Error 403

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  • Issue when Uploading an .png Image Error 403

    Does anyone have this error? I get this error when I try to upload .png image at Main Image field.

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    Hi fioreid,

    Try updating EspoCRM to the latest version (v.7.2.4). Most likely, this error has been fixed in new releases.


    • fioreid
      fioreid commented
      Editing a comment
      It was all right. When we updated to 7.2.4 this error happened. Not sure what causes it or how to fix it.

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    i think there are now a setting where you define allowed file type extention
    maybe too it’s bad image, try export the image in png

    Hello, today I am getting a lot of reports from my colleagues that they are not able to create new documents for attachment with a size of more than 5MB or something around that. Till now we did not have such a problem. We updated our EspoCRM to version 7.2.0 a few days ago and since then it is happening so I would assume that
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      Got to check your server logs and see for any error.

      Is it only Property entity that having issue or all other entity too?

      Offtopic: Also your Property Entity look pretty good! Love more screenshot or a demo so I can get some copy cat inspiration.

      Anyway came across this thread, might be relevant to you: