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[Suggestion] Allow Installation of Extension in Demo or Seperate Development

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  • [Suggestion] Allow Installation of Extension in Demo or Seperate Development

    Issue: Would like to debug or test out extension in the demo for compatibility and debug issue.

    Suggestion: Allow for installation of Extension in the demo version:

    Reproduce: Go to
    Go to Administration > Extension > Install > Upload > (nothing happen)

    Sometime I need to install Extension to test the 'perfect' EspoCRM setup to see any issue or compatibility etc, would like to be able to install and test it on the demo.

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    No. The demo purpose is for potential users getting acquainted with the system. Not for testing extensions. Often happens that the demo is screwed up (until the next refresh). We lose potential users and customers.


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      Moreover, one can make use of it to add a fraud functionality. We will never allow installing any extensions on the shared demo.


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        Hi, as yuri said, should be used only for showcase of the system, so people cloud could try hands-on experience with the CRM. The easiest way to test your extension is just to create a new espocrm instance and you can test it. Not to mention that the best practice of developing CRMs is to have a 1) dev environment, 2) qa/stage environment and 3) production environment.


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          Then I suggest to create a second developer instance.


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            There's no point. It's not that hard for developers to install an instance on their own. Who will pay for it? We have too much work already, I'd rather spend it on Espo developing.

            BTW, you could also create the demo and share it.


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              Nobody on the market have a shared demo like we have anymore. It's likely we opt to a trial with a registration in the future.


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                Please no.

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              > BTW, you could also create the demo and share it.

              How long will it take until someone will install a malicious extension to run some cryptocurrency stuff in the backend.

              I bail out from this thread. The forum takes too much from me. I'd rather spend it on development.


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                The virtual machine with Espo at Bitnami is suitable for testing.


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                  Not to mention you can easily get a virtual machine as low as $10/month and create a demo instance (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure etc.). As said above, developers should be able to easily create new/clone existing EspoCRM environments to do such testing of new extensions. Or you should have your own dev environment. For example, we always go with "" and "" -> new functionalities are always deployed to test.crm environment before deploying to production