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  • Custom field type: Email

    Hi there,

    I have a question for you guys - how do you create a custom field with the type "Email", which has "opted-out" and "Invalid" functionality?

    For instance, an Account Entity has a built-in "Email" field that has an "opted-out" and "Invalid" functionality.

    But if I want to create a custom field, there is no option in the UI to choose the field type "Email"...

    So how do you create Email type custom fields?
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    here's a tutorial on how to do it:
    Hi, thanks for watching our video!In this tutorial we’ll walk you through:- How to create Email field- How to add field to detail view- How to test Email fie...


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      Kharg thanks a lot, this looks pretty good

      One more question, maybe you know a tutorial on how to add this field type "Email" globally? So that in all new future Entities there would be an option to choose the field type "Email" when I create a new field? I attached the print screen.
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        I am working on an extension, it does partially work right now, but the field must be named emailAddress for it to works.


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          yuri is there a reason behind why there is no such field with the type "Email" in standard CRM? It would be very useful to add such a field to any Entities.