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Bulk import contacts for regular users.

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  • Bulk import contacts for regular users.

    I have new sales agents joining the company that have up to 3,000 contacts. In our company each person's contacts are their own so we don't want everyone to see all contacts, we only want to see and access contacts each user puts in.

    How can I allow our sales agents to input all of their contacts as regular users?

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    you can allow them by granting them the right to import on their role.
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      Thank you for your help. I did add Import permissions to their role and they can see the import option now. But I'm still struggling with allowing them to see what they import. Either everyone sees every contact bulk imported or they don't see their own.

      I set the role to have import permission, and set contact visibility to "own". What am I missing?


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        when they import they need to add a field assigned user and assign themselves as assigned user so once they import they will be able to see record they are assigned. that is the reason why they can't see what they imported.

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      Seems imported records do not have an assigned user or team that allow your users to see them. When importing it's possible to select a specific default assigned user or team on the second step.