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My heart goes out to our Ukrainian brothers & sisters!

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    Be safe!


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      God bless you

      yuri and other members of the team:

      If you need any help I can host in Madrid kids or families for the needed time


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        Greetings from Poland,
        I hope you are safe. Let me know if you need anything. For all of you who don't know how to help but would like to, there are various foundations that gives opportunity to donate money and they use that money to buy the things Ukraine need most.

        If someone would like to donate, there is official website of red cross:
        Be careful and take care


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          Hehe telecastg
          i have post, because on comment can't post foto
          This foto is for my first "working place" (for info, we don't use SalesPack , MailChimp, maybe 1 time per year )

          when i go at office to my second place, i ask to not expire (AdvancedPack, Outlook, Voip) and here not use Voip because Users (you know i was Covid .. so not really work since some periode)

          prepare all your extensions .... it's joke, thanks for your initiative

          I can just say your "Matrix Field for EspoCRM" is incredible ... for me it's a must have for everyOne

          Best Regards
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            telecastg commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes of course my friend, hope that you are feeling better

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          Hi Everyone,

          I too want to thank the EspoCRM team for everything you've done for us. I've benefited tremendously from this open-source project and the active community here on the forum. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that the creators of Espo and many others here have suffered unimaginable loss and personal suffering. They continue to support this project, and all of us, as they navigate their daily lives in a literal war zone.

          I've purchased the advanced pack and several other extensions. Is there something more we can do to support Espo? I wish I had found Espo much earlier, instead of wasting countless hours experimenting with other software options. I'd love to point more people in our direction. Is there a ratings website, review platform (like Google Reviews), or other suggestion (that would be most effective) we can visit to post positive reviews for Espo? Please point us in the right direction so we can do our part to support this amazing team. Thanks again.


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            Thanks again for your support
            Use EspoCRM and its extensions, make good reviews on other forums and services. A pleasant bonus will be the use of other goods and services produced in Ukraine.

            And, of course, do Not use russian products and goods, the profit from the sale of which goes to the extermination of Ukraine and its population.​