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My heart goes out to our Ukrainian brothers & sisters!

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  • My heart goes out to our Ukrainian brothers & sisters!

    As many of you know this absolutely awesome software platform we all enjoy and use everyday was birthed by a small brilliant team out of Ukraine over a decade ago, specifically in the region of Chernivtsi. The core of EspoCRM is still updated and maintained by its few dedicated developers, some of whom may have even directly helped you fix your issue or answer your questions.

    You may also know that the People of Ukraine are now going through an extremely difficult and turbulent time. As we continue to gain value from the Espo team's great work here, let's try to be mindful of the situation unfolding in their home country and hope that it de-escalates and life for them can become more peaceful...

    To the faces behind EspoCRM - a HUGE THANKS to them for all they do, sending them positive energy and keeping them in my thoughts!!

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    Amen !

    Hope all Espo team members and their families are safe.


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      We all pray for Ukraine, God bless you all and Espo great team, hope this war finished soon and all keep safe
      CEO & Founder of Eblasoft.
      Professional EspoCRM development & extensions.


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        Thank you for your support guys. Unfortunately, the support from the civilized world is not significant enough. And don't believe the Russian propaganda. We all here support our government in this hard time. Government elected by Ukrainian people, not usurped one like in evil-country Russia.
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          The same happened in multiple wheres over the world, nothing except for words ...

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          no word


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            What can we do to help you ?


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              Hello @Yuri,

              i am near Brussels, i have a room free in my apartment, so if i can help any yours..please contact me.
              my room is free.
              if complicate, i can come with my car on border

              Kinds Regards
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            Stay safe my friends


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              We are together with Ukraine, with you guys! Stay safe!


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                I propose that all of us whom have benefited greatly from yuri and his team's terrific work, should provide a monetary contribution, of whatever size is affordable for each individual, to help the Espo team and their families in these incredibly tough times.

                yuri could set up a GoFund or similar initiative where you could receive donations ?
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                  hello @telecastg,

                  i approuve completly, but don't forget if i have understand, all bank is "closed in ukraine".. so bank must be "out of..."


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                  Hello item, yes I understand, perhaps the Espo team can figure it out and let us know.

                  Best Regards

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                I subscribe too


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                  All our thoughts and hearts with you guys stay safe.


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                    From Jersey, an island that was occupied for 5 years, and the UK, to all you wonderful Ukraine people, and to our Russian friend's who's country's name has been abused by the dumb-f*ck leaders that use war as a tool of intimidation and theft from both their neighbours and their own people, finding that the many are stronger than the few, and to never give up on talking.

                    We support peace, and support you all defending freedoms from tyranny for all of us!

                    We are all so grateful that Ukraine has the courage to stand up to the bully's making orders to invade without invitation, and say no. I assure from our view of all media we see, and all conversations I've had with friends, that Russian leader's directed propaganda is seen for exactly what it is. That's the problem with stupidity, they cannot imagine that anyone might actually just be smarter, nicer and not want to fight.

                    I truly hope now that diplomacy can return, with a new awareness of how important it is to find compromise, communicate and allow people to move as they need to, or be safe wherever they are, because truly our nearest neighbours are usually our greatest allies in solving the same difficulties we all share.

                    The wonderful thing about freedom, is the clear vision it gives you that self-determination, self-governing, and shared knowledge is what makes us human, and protecting that is a matter of life or death for us all.

                    I know we can't feel your pains right now, but has brought tears to my eyes many times this weekend. We must, must now commit to paying more for the things we have to; Ukraine's amazing brain power, oil gas, food, renewable energy, whatever it takes, to make sure that Ukraine is always known and respected for the absolute value as absolute idols and champions of the free world now.

                    Thank you so much, for defending us all, we commit to repaying you as friends and partners for life and liberty!

                    I'm sure the teams knows more about what's needed, so please also consider helping get money and resources where they are needed most now:
                    * (contains clear links to the official Ukraine Bank donations pages)

                    And please be nice to our good Russian colleagues too, this is a violent minority, that miscalculated the use of the resources they are entrusted with, and I'm certain their citizens have seen that now, and want a world where we work together again.


                    • yuri
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                      Thank you for supporting us.

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                    Lithuania pray for Ukraine, we hope that Espo team and families will be safe! Слава Украине!


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                      I don't know if this will help in this situation but I bought the sales package with 2 years of support...
                      my deepest support to the Ukrainian people.


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                        As further incentive to purchase Espo products in support of the team, I will provide any one of my commercial extensions for free to anyone that buys any paid package from Espo at this time.

                        chr1st0ph9 and others, if you are interested, please PM me an image of the purchase confirmation email (removing any personal information of course) and let me know which extension you would like to receive.

                        Here's the link to the extensions marketplace
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                      • marcusquinn
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                        telecastg Great idea. I'll add to that access to any code we've developed to solve common needs. We fully intend to open-source, but anything that helps support Team Espo and Ukraine family & friends, is a vote for freedom and restoring peace.

                      • minbar
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                        Already purchased 2 extensions with 2 years support...
                        I would like to thank yuri and the team for everything they do!
                        My thoughts and support go out to them and the Ukrainian people..
                        Stay safe guys!