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Linking opportunity to new entity

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  • Linking opportunity to new entity

    Ok so i renamed opportunity to deals, then i made a new entity called Activation, i got activations to have a kanban view also, so im trying to link them together and then put in a drop down list to move the deal (opportunity Card) from deals to activation. is that possible ? so the drop down list would have DEALS and ACTIVATIONS to choose from then moves the card to the correct entity ?

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    Not sure how the Kanban will work in this "moves the card" part you mention though.

    As for Relationship between Deals/Activations you can certainly add as many and as little as you want. You might want to play with the setup a little to see how it work and behave.

    I did a quick search for a video tutorial as it might be easier for you but look like emillod haven't made one yet (?):

    You can read more about relationship here:


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      Ok lets try it this way, In Opportunity, i made an enum drop list, with opportunity and activations, so its one or the other, i want to tell the enum field that when its set to activation, to move that opportunity card to the activations entity.. is that possible /?


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        what do you mean by a drop list (a relationship?) => i made an enum drop list, with opportunity and activations?? i think if you set up the right relationship and correct kanban for both entities then it is possible to copy (create) an opportunity in activation entity. if you share more information and some screenshot we might be able to help.

        what is the purpose of the activation entity ?