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    Hello everyone.

    How can I insert documents into an email (or template) that I have made available in CRM?

    I can only upload the attachments, but not select a document from the CRM. There is also no customizable layout for e-mails or e-mail templates in the Entity Manager.

    Many greetings

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    if you wish you insert an existing document in the crm into an email you can do that by using insert document. see attached screenshoot. if you wish to send an email using an email template and inserting a document then you need to use something like formula for specific entity on specific event or you need advanced pack to achieve this with workflow or BPMN.

    Attached Files


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      Ok, now I see the problem. When I tested this yesterday, I used an email template. The button is not available in the template layout, so I asked myself why I couldn't select the files.

      If I create a normal e-mail, the button is there and I can insert files.

      But it doesn't make sense to me that I can upload attachments to email templates but not select from those available in the system. If a file is uploaded for a tempate, then it ends up in the "file pool" like all other files.


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        if you create a new email even if you choose a template you can still select attachments from existing documents in the system, it should work fine as well.


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          Thx. It works as described in post #2.