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Importing a cvs file

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  • Importing a cvs file


    I have a question what is the limits of raw can espocrm import?

    thank you in advance

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    if i understand the question, it's not espoCrm dependant..
    it's config/server and so.

    For big file, always use back-end .. front-end have many limitation (web server and so... no espoCrm)

    Edit : ha sorry, you ask import.. i don't know.. but if big file, is better you create some in back-end
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      I have found that there is a significant decrease in performance with larger files. I have been able to import 100,000 records quite quickly but 200,000 takes a very long time. Much quicker to do it in batches.


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        item how can i do it from the back-end ?
        to be more clear, I have an excel table with 5000recordes, when I try to import it to Espocrm I only get 100 which is not normal that why I asked what is the maximum of records I can import !

        Kyle I only have 5000 and I cannot import it at all only 100 at the time which is not functional


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          strange your import stuck at 100 ...
          and 5000 record is not a problem for espocrm.
          or maybe you files are not good encoded..
          you need give more info about your environment. (php/espoCrm.. Version and so)


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            I have changed everything to the recommended 180
            I have the latest version of Espocrm 7.0.8
            It's a simple table with based info 5000raw and 9column it went from Excel to CVS
            I didn't notice at first this problem until yesterday, so I cannot ask my client for a new contact table


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              Could the job stopping be related to this issue:


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                it's is but i don't know how to pass over it


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                  I tried with the backend code but nothing !! i even check the whole record and made them correct and still stops at 100. does anybody have a solution


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                    Two relevant thread I would recommend to try if you have not:

                    I'm wanting to be able to upload large files to EspoCRM. I've changed the PHP.ini to allow upload/post file sizes of 1024MB and restarted my apache2 web server. When I try to upload a large file (currently testing 180MB), the upload process starts but then after about 10 seconds, a 500 error is returned by the browser. Has

                    Hi there, I just installed espo on my aws server and spent all day setting it up. Email is working fine however importation of my data is not working correctly. I have been using a commercial crm for the past 6 years and have downloaded the data in csv files. It is really strange because Sometimes it imports some of the leads

                    Taken from: