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Formula to create multiple Contact Phone Numbers

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  • Formula to create multiple Contact Phone Numbers

    How can I fill 2 values under each other/highlighted in blue in emailAddress in Contact Entity from Lead Entity with record\create ? The Lead record has 2 custom fields: personalEmail and professionalEmail that I need to fill in/create/copy to emailAddress (1 field in Contact)
       'firstName', firstName,
       'lastName', lastName,
       'emailAddress',list(personalEmail, professionalEmail)
    The formula is only creating the firstName and lastName fields in Contact from the Lead Entity
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    Thank you in advance for any help


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      Hi JosNas,

      Unfortunately, this logic is not yet available.
      As a workaround, you can create a custom text type field (e.g. "addEmails") and fill it with the Formula:
      $personalEmail = record\attribute('Lead', '618ce6c4a2e55b7a8', 'personalEmail');
      $professionalEmail = record\attribute('Lead', '618ce6c4a2e55b7a8', 'professionalEmail');
      firstName = record\attribute('Lead', '618ce6c4a2e55b7a8', 'firstName');
      lastName = record\attribute('Lead', '618ce6c4a2e55b7a8', 'lastName');
      addEmails = string\concatenate('personal email : ', $personalEmail, ' | ', 'professional email : ', $professionalEmail);
      *618ce6c4a2e55b7a8 - Lead ID

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        Hello Vadym, thanks for the help I still need to try it asap and I'll post again here. Just 1 question how can I get the ID of the Lead? Thanks again!
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          Hi JosNas,

          A bit edited. I hope it's clearer now.

          'personalEmail', 'professionalEmail' are Lead entity custom varchar-type fields.
          $personalEmail, $professionalEmail are variables to which assign the values of 'personalEmail', 'professionalEmail' fields,
          and then record them in the addEmails field.


          • JosNas
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            Great! It works thank you! Is there a way to get the ID of the Lead so I don't have to enter it manually (hardcoded) ? I'm using a workflow to do this for every Lead

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          I suppose that’s what you need.

          $memberId = record\findOne('Contact', 'createdAt', 'desc', 'firstName=', firstName, 'lastName=', lastName);
          $firstName = entity\attribute('firstName');
          $lastName = entity\attribute('lastName');
          $personalEmail = entity\attribute('personalEmail');
          $professionalEmail = entity\attribute('professionalEmail');
          $addEmails = string\concatenate('personal email : ', $personalEmail, ' | ', 'professional email: ', $professionalEmail);
          $memberId == null,
          record\create('Contact', 'firstName', $firstName, 'lastName', $lastName, 'addEmails', $addEmails)


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            Is this formula still working?


            • espcrm
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              I would assume so considering this thread is barely a month old... you could give it a try and if there is an error you can ask.

            • JosNas
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              hey jordan I am 99% sure it is. I just haven't been able to try it yet which is why I haven't replied here but I will today.