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Mail Template with logic (EspoCRM 7.0.x)

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  • Mail Template with logic (EspoCRM 7.0.x)

    I need different email templates for contacts with simple logic (if else). Here in the forum or in the documentation I have found corresponding hints, but I just can't make it work. I always get different error messages.

    Does anyone have a working example for me? Thank you!

    EspoCRM 7.0.7
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    Hello, I will write in english as well, so others could benefit from this also.

    Here is an email I send to people, who rented an artwork (my installation is administration of artwork).

    What does it do:

    1. An email is send, when a rent contract expires (2 weeks before). This happens automatically, directed by formula. See here:
    2. After the common Tags for name of contractor and data regarding the contract there will be the part, for wich rented artwork (out of max. four) the reminder will be valid.

    If the contractor has rented only one work, here will be only the reminder for that one work, if he rented two works, for two etc. (in my case up to four works).
    These are all ifThen, but ifElse works the same way.

    If this does not help, you could post your code and the error messages.

    The code:


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      Thank you for the support. With the comparison and some research, I have now found the error. It was not an error in the code, but in the configuration.

      In my php.ini "allow_url_include=On" was missing.