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Is there a maximum number of fields in a form?

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  • Is there a maximum number of fields in a form?

    Is there a maximum number of fields that can be added to a form? How many fields can I add to a contact form, for example? Are there any restrictions on the type of fields? For example, can I only add a limited number of Multi-Enum fields to the form? Or is there no limit other than system performance?

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    Nope there is no limits, you can as many field as wish to an entity.



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      At first sight there is technically no max number of field. But many fields normally show, that the database is not organized to an optimum. In database design this is called normalization and it is really one of the hardest tasks in designing a database. Because you have to plan it for future extension of the data you want to store and be sure, during the process of designing and programming a database, there always will come additional ideas.
      It is not a rare case, that after a while of building a database, you may decide to do all again from scratch, because you learned to do it in another way.
      Many fields can also cause reaching a limit in relationships, because im that database entity with many fields, you might have a lot more relationships, than would be necessary, if you had another design.


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        Mysql can be quite limited in both relationships and field numbers.

        relationships is 61 max (based on however in practice due to the way the orm works it is less than 30 in a lot of cases.

        data fields are harder to work out its based on row size. varchar/enum fields are big eaters of space. text, int are small. number of fields could be from as little as 60 or so to 100's

        Ideally adding support for something like postgres would remove these issues. There are some other threads about it. I would be interested in getting postgres support and would be inclined to pay for it if anyone is interested in taking up the challenge.