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Exclude display of records with 0 count (group by) in reports

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  • Exclude display of records with 0 count (group by) in reports


    I have created a report which has group by clause on a field. Sum and Count is displayed on the base of that field. To give an example , the field has multiple source of reference i.e.

    Field Name - Reference
    Data -


    Every record entered has a reference and revenue attached with it.

    I want to exclude data which has 0 count from the report as the list and graph looks odd.

    I tried using Filter with HAVING count/ID/ Greater Than 0 , I also tried HAVING sum/total revenue/ Greater than 0. It still displays records with 0. When I use revenue greater than 100 , it displays records summary with revenue greater than 100 and with 0. I would like to exclude records summary with 0 revenue.

    Please suggest.

    To give an example

    When I run a report with total revenue greater than 100 (Assume that group by sum of Email reference is only 80). The display will be

    Reference - Sum - Count
    Facebook - 120 - 4
    Friend - 110 - 3
    Web - 0 - 0

    Email reference is no displayed as revenue is only 80. But 'Web-0-0 ' is still displayed. Is there a way to exclude this ?


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    Sound like a bug if it still display 0 if you use Greater than 0... not unless it is Greater or Equal to 0. I would also report this as a bug if I were you.