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  • Postman collection/ API

    Can I have a predefined API collection for Postman?
    And can I have an example for custom API functions. All thing about write API with an example,

    Looking for help I'm new to CRM and API too

    Thank you very much!

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    Anyone can explain how to work predefined API in CRM. it's working flow too.

    I need to develop an external system with CRM data and Conditions.


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      Hi Shamila,

      There is not yet such a collection.
      Perhaps, the following article may be useful:


      • Shamila Chathuranga
        Shamila Chathuranga commented
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        Thank you Vadym
        I have already read this article and I have set up a postman also.

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      Hello Shamila Chathuranga
      Here you have video tutorial how to setup connection through API client like postman and how to fetch details through API:


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        You can also data collect it using your browser Console. There isn't a list of all the API but I think there is a system that is used. For example:


        The "contact" here is the entity name.

        If you are new to API I think don't you can learn it, I made quite a few post about API (trying to learn it myself but end up failing to make use of it).
        emillod also made a good Tutorial using API too, I probably give that a try one day.

        See a few post about API here:


        • Shamila Chathuranga
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          Dear @espocrm

          I have set up a postman.

          I have tried different entity names all works well.
          using "/api/v1/User" I can get all users but I need to get some users who have a specific team.
          How to do it using API.

          Thank you
          Looking for help

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        Shamila Chathuranga

        Here you have propper endpoint. Just replace domain and id with your team id. That's it.


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          Hey Dear,

          Thank all helping me Now all predefined API are found.
          How can I write a custom API in CRM?
          I mean write route, function, and all things about writing my own function in CRM

          Looking for help


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          Here you have a documenation:


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            Not sure as this is out of my league but doing a search on api/v1 on the code give you these path/file/config -

            You can probably (I assume you know coding otherwise this going to be a learning experience) add addition api URL, or just change it totally (this will most likely break your system if you are not careful)

            Other keyword you want to search for is "entrypoint" -

            Perhaps reading through some of the guide/tutorial to see how EspoCRM is design by telecastg might be the way to go and look at documentation.
            If you don't have programming skill, I don't think you can get very far without investment in time and professional/education guidance.


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              espcrm entryPoint will only process GET requests. If Shamilla want to send POST request, than it require controller from few versions of EspoCRM.


              • espcrm
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                Thanks for the info emillod, but if you going to create a API, I'm sure at some point you need to do a "Get" as well. Bit odd if it only Post is created, which is OK for some situation

              • emillod
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                espcrm controller can also receive get requests

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              Hey guys,

              Thank you for helping me lot

              I have created API Nicely but I have some doubts from JSON response

              It has a total of items 532,
              but the array has only 200 records. I need to get all records in this array.
              How to do it?

              Thank you
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                Probably you have to read more about pagination.


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                  I have read this article but I didn't get it, pal.
                  Can you explain a bit?

                  I need all data in one array but it has given only 200 records.
                  How to set pagination properly.

                  This is my API:
                  {{url}}/Opportunity?select=serviceType%2CassignedUserId%2C assignedUserName%2CisActive&offset=0
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                    This is propper way to fetch records, through offset param. Thanks to that requests can have big impact on performance. I don't know is there a way to skip pagination by any param in url. You could create controller which would generate array with all records, but i don't think it's a good idea.