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multiple/dynamic number of reviewer in a BPM workflow

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  • multiple/dynamic number of reviewer in a BPM workflow

    I try to create a review BPM workflow for an entity which should
    * support a flexible number of reviewers
    * be assigned in sequential user tasks to the list of reviewers

    Is that scenario supported in any way by the Business Process Management from the Advanced Pack?
    I realized that n:m relationships are not visible for the assignments. Addtionally I didn't find a multi-instance functionallity.
    So I guess the only way to support this scenario at the moment is to create n specific reviewer fields for the max number of reviewers and to check for every reviewer field if it is set?

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    does anybody from the espocrm team have a better idea how to assign a user task to a list of users?


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      Hi hi-ko. :-)

      Would assingning a task to more than one user work for you?


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        Hi Daniel,
        what I meant is not to assign the same Task to a list of users but a list of users the same type of task to be done in sequence or in parallel.
        That's a typical workflow fo a sign of: one or more users have to check and comment on a doc and once that has been completed one person should do the sign off.
        In the first step the list of users (and therefore tasks) should be flexible.

        Is my question now clearer?


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          in other BPMN engines that's called a multi instance task


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            > support a flexible number of reviewers

            The bpm user task supports only one assigned user. It does not support multiple users simultaneously. You can use a custom entity (with multiple users) instead of the user task entity.

            The process creates a record (with a set of reviewers) using a regular Task > Create Record action.
            Then the process flow stops (using waiting until the status of that record is changed to some specific, meaning it's resolved.

            > in other BPMN engines that's called a multi instance task

            We don't have multi-instance task support unfortunately.
            Last edited by yuri; 07-05-2021, 06:25 AM.


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              I just found in the documentation: Multi-instance sub-process‚Äč seems to address the multi instance task requirement. Thanks for impementing!


              • rabii
                rabii commented
                Editing a comment
                Tried to use this feature but couldn't figure out how to use it properly. if you don't mind do you care sharing your knowledge on how to use this. an example would help a lot as documentation is not clear.