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CRM-enabled POS systems

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  • CRM-enabled POS systems

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to know the scenarios on How CRM-enabled POS systems can help your business?

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    I seen about 3 thread talk about POS. Haven't personally seen anything did a follow up update or discussion about it; I usually assume that either they didn't went ahead with it and move on to something else or they can't (or too lazy to) share the update.

    You can read about the last time this topic was bought up:

    Hello! First Post here, and I’m interested in your thoughts on Has anyone successfully integrated a POS Software into their app? What API has worked for you?

    And surprisingly you were the one who ask about it.

    As for how CRM help, it help with tracking your client information and help provide other thing like Workflow, sending email and data (report). But if you don't need much more than "Stock in, stock out, how much I sell and how much I earn" then just a POS system will be fine. No need to waste time using a CRM system.