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  • subscribe and mass change

    without Extensions


    if I want to subscribe to leads, I can only subscribe to the leads currently displayed. So I preset 50 then 50 I preset 100 then 100 etc.

    If I want to subscribe to all then I have to display more and more until all are visible. I can then subscribe to all of them.
    Is there another option here? I would like to subscribe to all of them at once without having to repeat over and over again.

    The second problem I currently have is the following.

    Leads can be selected via all, eg mass change. assign a user. Ok great thing.
    But if I want to remove the data records again via unfollow, the system shows me that these data records are no longer being followed, in fact nothing has happened.
    The records are still there under mine. Although I cleared the cache and rebuilt the database. Do I misunderstand the function?

    both as admin and user

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    you can configure the amount of records in list view in Administrator->User interface -> records per page (list view).
    But the max. number is limited by the config.php to 200 ('recordListMaxSizeLimit' => 200,). This is to avoid overload database action. But you may try to put this number a bit higher (at own risk).

    I don`t know, if that helps in your case.


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      Thanks for the answer.

      But that doesn't help me. Depending on the zip code, we have up to 5000 addresses. I want to be able to subscribe to all of them at once.


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        As far as I know, updating big amounts of records via user interface has been a problem in espoCRM.
        What about updating directly in the database? SQLquery?


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          Hi there,
          As a workaround you can:
          1. Set Formula
          2. Open an entity list view and refresh a webpage
          3. Select All Results (see screenshot)
          4. Recalculate Formula (see screenshot)
          5. Unset Formula
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            how do i go about it

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          Thank you for the answers

          Hello Maximus
          That means I have to deposit a formula under the Entity Leads which enables an overall display. Correct?

          Hello shalmaxb
          As an admin that would be a possibility.
          However, the function should be possible for the user. If I work with more, more, etc., and then mark all of them, I can subscribe to all of them at once.

          I wonder if I can subscribe to all of them at once in this way, why the subscribe function is missing when you select all.

          Perhaps one could add a "Show All" option here. This gives the system enough time to recharge.


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            Ok, I guessed that with the database.

            Your proposal to add a function "show all" would be a very useful feature for all list views, so this would get my vote.

            The only problem is the same as if you would set the number of records to more than 200, it will have a non-calculable impact to your server. Perhaps the developers have any idea about this?


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              I understand!

              The show all function could execute the show more function one after the other.

              If I perceive that correctly, this data is already partially available.


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                Wouldn't a Export and Import method work also? if this is a one time thing.

                Export the field you want to update (also keep the ID cause you need that to import it later). Then use Spreadsheet such as Excel to make edit, save as CSV and import, use the "ID" field as the import check.


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                  Thanks for the answer
                  On the admin side maybe yes, but very cumbersome.

                  The initial import should still take place as described in the setting of data records per page. From here it would be nice if you had the opportunity to decide for yourself whether all are displayed. As an example: If I have 1000 leads for a certain postal code and have a default of 200, I have to display four more times until all are displayed and can then select all of them and subscribe. This process is very complex, it would be better to have the option to select all and then subscribe. Also works with the mass change. It does not matter whether I lose time in the execution of displaying more or wait a moment until all have been selected. It would just be more comfortable. If you are afraid of losing performance, you don't have to use it.


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                    Not sure what you trying to achieve then, a work-around method or a better way to do thing?

                    Or is this a feature request or recommendation you have in mind?

                    Feature request might be difficult to get approved. Good luck though.

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                  That should only be a suggestion for more comfort.

                  But maybe I did something wrong with the setting why it doesn't work for my type of use.
                  I'll describe why I asked the question.

                  We assign our employee a zip code, this has 2000 leads. With a setting of 200 in data records per page, the employee has to display 9X more so that all are visible.

                  Now the employee can select all of them, i.e. tick them and subscribe.

                  From now on, the employee works from the Subscribed list. If a customer agrees, they will be converted and removed from the subscribed list. If the customer is not interested, the customer will also be removed from the list, etc.

                  We thus prevent double calls and the employee can continue working the next day from the subscribers. Here it would be nice (more compact) if all could be selected through an additional option.

                  Of course, only if the majority sees a point in this proposal!


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                    In this use case, how does your employee know,which lead has to be ticked "subscribe"?

                    I ask this, because perhaps there could be other possibilities.


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                      We assign the employee a zip code.

                      The employee has to work through this completely. or An employee postal code 581 - 582 The next 583 - 586 etc.

                      Customers are notified by phone
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                        I try to understand (it is always a bit complicated, if you don`t see the application):

                        1. Your employee receives e.g. 500 records of potentially subscribers
                        2. You employee calls any of those by phone, to confirm subscription
                        3. For all customers, who agreed, you want to mass change: not interested should be removed, interested should be moved to another list, in both cases should be removed from the source-list your employee received

                        Is that right?

                        If I have that information, I could have an idea, how to manage this.


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                          Sorry , no.

                          The leads are already installed
                          The staff just call it off

                          The employee in Berlin is assigned the zip code 51 - 53. By mail by phone etc.
                          The employee in Hamburg is assigned the zip code 54 - 56. The employee opens Espo and logs in.
                          Next, he calls up the leads. Then he enters the zip code using the search function and, whoosh, he has 2000 entries in front of him.
                          The employee subscribes to these entries, currently if preset to 200 with show more, so show more at 2000 he has to do this 9 times.
                          Then he ticks the box and the Action window opens and he can subscribe to everyone.
                          Is there but only if all are visible!
                          It would be nice if there was a possibility to show all then the employee would not always have to carry out more displays first.

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