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  • automatic appointment confirmation

    Hello everybody

    How can I send a set up automatic appointment confirmation to the customer

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    Do you mean something like:
    1. Record is creating
    2. Sends appointment confirmation to a user
    3. If the user approves then assign the record to it.
    4. If the user doesn't approve then send a confirmation to the next user.

    If so, then I suggest you consider the User Task within BPM functionality BPM is a part of Advanced Pack


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      Many thanks for the answer
      What I mean is this. When an appointment is created, a confirmation email should also be sent to the customer automatically.
      We hereby confirm ...


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        The user assigned to the created Process User Task record will receive in-app notification. Administrator can also enable email notifications for Process User Tasks at Administration > Notifications > Email Notifications.


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          Thanks, but I don't understand yet.
          I have under Administration> Notifications> Email Notifications. Meeting added.
          I will now create a new appointment and add a contact (customer) and user under Participants.
          This contact (customer) should now automatically receive a confirmation e-mail.
          Dear Sir / Madam, we hereby confirm the appointment on May 18, 2021 with Mr XY at 4 p.m.
          Under E-Mail templates I will create a template that should be accessed.


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            Now that makes sense.
            In the Meeting entity, you have such functionality as Send Invitations. When you click it, all event attendees should receive the appointment emails.
            Note, for this you have these requirements:
            1. Configured System SMTP connection to let your system send emails (see Administration -> Outbound Emails)
            2. Each recipient should have a specified email address in his profile.

            Workflow/BPM have an ability to triggers the 'Send Invitations' functionality automatically.
            For example in Workflow:
            1. create Action called 'Run Service Action'
            2. Run Service Action Entity -> Target Record (Meeting)
            3. Run Service Action Service Method -> Send Invitations


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              Many Thanks Send Invitations is missing or cannot be found in my entity Meeting


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                Could you describe it more explicitly? Does such an error occur when you click on the Send Invitations button or try to send with Workflow?
                1. Please describe steps to reproduce.
                2. What is your EspoCRM version?
                3. What is your Advanced Pack version?
                4. Provide the error description from an EspoCRM log file


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                  Version 6.1.4 I read from here that an Advanced Pack is necessary.
                  So far I only work with the basic version.
                  Then my project will not be possible without an extension.

                  Thanks for the support