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  • Layout set by role

    Always for the same problem, so to have our sales agent seeing details only of the Accounts assigned to him.

    Since every visibility rule for the panels can be applied only to the whole team (he belongs to the same team of the internal sales), an option will be if I can define a specific Layout Set for the role the sales agent belongs to.
    Is possible? Or planned?

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    Under Administration the item layout sets could be helpful.


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      Layout Sets can be assigned only to a Team, so I will be not able to discriminate the usage for the specific Role.
      Any plan for Espo to add this? Will be the easier way to have custom rules for specific roles, brdging the limitation related to current visibility rules being applicable only to Teams.


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        Which panels do you mean?
        Subpanels are only displayed if the role that releases the entities. Panels in the detail area are hidden if the fields they contain are not made visible by the role.


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          Account>Detail>Details panel (but same rule need to be applied to Contacts panel, Opportunities, Stream, Cases, Documents
          The agent role allow him to view the full details any account assigned to him ("own" in Account Read ACL)
          The problem is he will need to list also every other account available in his Team, but if not assigned to him show only the list of accounts and no other detail.

          Creating a report it's not viable since the report either need to have access to all the accounts to report them, and his role didn't have this possibility.