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    Hello guys,
    we've already released three free extensions to EspoCRM.
    1. Dark theme
    2. Light theme
    3. Public attachment
    We also have two other free extensions which we'll release in few days:
    1. UUID field - new type of field which allow users to generate UUID's to every single record in specific entity
    2. Address field - new type of field which is based on default address type. There is one change. Instead of field addressCountry in type VARCHAR, there is enum list with list of more than 250 countries. We've also added translations of that fields in 29 languages(all espo languages).
    We're working on PayPal integration which will let user possibility to receive payments from clients without login to PayPal(on seller side), whole transaction can be created from EspoCRM. There will be also possibility to manage subscriptions. This extension will be paid.

    We're looking ideas for next projects. We've already heard about:
    1. Warehouse management as sub-extension to SalesPack;
    2. CashApp integration
    Any other ideas? We're thinking about integration with some shipping company like FedEX, DHL or UPS. Any thoughts on that?
    All free extensions are available on our Github account We've also added in new extensions(also in newest releases of themes) link for tracking new releases. Thanks to that you'll see a notification in admin section of your EspoCRM about new release.
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    Hello emillod

    one idea maybe : warehouse => Amazon .. webShop (website)
    one of my friend use "odoo erp" for this.. he have 3-4 warehouse (book).. and sell by webShop (odoo have integrated webshop/webSite with all product) or amazon or ..
    As i know, Amazon ask X books, he send it, so when amazon sell and quantity is low, amazon ask new stock.
    He sell too in his webshop.. so stock low .. if stock low, he command new book to "printer"
    There are certainly many API with Amazon, and amazon have her UID..
    As i see in your extension, you have all other : DHL,..., UIUD, PAYPAL, with warehouse and webSite/Shop..



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      item thank you for your comment. Yes, we already have one integration with Amazon. It's not free that's why it's not available in repo.
      It's true that SalesPack have really poor warehouse management. Actually it's not a warehourse management.. But i don't know if yuri is planning to extend that in the feature. I don't want to spend many days on that to just copy something what he want to create in his extension..

      But i already thought about that.. I was thinking about modules where user can register information that he receive new delivery of specific products, or that he gave out some products. And based on that our extension could calculate amount of current stock..


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        Those upcoming look good.


        Here to try my luck once again to see if you would entertain this idea. There is one thing I always been wanting to be able to do but always end up using Excel.

        Is to able to calculate Credit, Debit and Balance per line. I have found some system that can do it at the Balance at the end end but not per line basis.


        • dreginald
          dreginald commented
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          I have done this by creating a temporary field in a parent entity and transferring this balance on creation of the new line record and calculations with a sequential workflow.

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        Thank you for your comment espcrm , but it's not very hard to prepare something like that
        We have something like that in our EspoCRM, because we've created additional entity for coupons support.. Also we're using SalesPack to have everything under control. We're assigning tasks to the SalesOrders. Every task have counted price based on time.

        And in SalesOrder, there is a field which is notSotrable. Our espo is counting amount of related tasks by adding them - amount fields. After that it's taking all related coupons and substract that amount from amount counted based on tasks.


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          This thread is some days old, but during working with espoCRM I came to the idea to make an extension to update all custom development, that an app could have. Including:

          1. folder /custom
          2. folder client/custom
          3. modified or added database tables

          Currently I do updates by copying the folders via FTP and the database tables by deleting the older ones and replacing by the newer ones.

          If this process could be done by an extension, it would be great. I read the blog article about creating an extension, but I guess it is not complete. I don`t know, how to deal with afterinstall.php and beforeinstall.php. When to use what and how it should look like. There is only one example of afterinstall.php.

          Also the database problem is not explained (if possible at all).


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            SIP Availablity. It would be very helpful for those of us who use third-party VoIP providers to be able to insert SIP settings so we can use a dialer associated with a VoIP service. We use MicroSip now as a click to dial but it would be great to have that built-in or an extension.


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              Originally posted by emillod View Post
              We're looking ideas for next projects. We've already heard about:[LIST=1][*]Warehouse management as sub-extension to SalesPack;
              Might be you have some progress to "warehouse" extension?


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                Originally posted by partomas View Post

                Might be you have some progress to "warehouse" extension?
                We're working on that. We've managed to prepare custom entity with itemList, we'll prepare another one, and thanks to that user will be add and substract products amount. Current stock will be visible in Product entity.

                We stopped because we started working on extension which will provide ticketing system inside EspoCRM.


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                  It would be an excellent idea to make another paid extension for basic Warehouse/ERP functionalities. yuri


                  • espcrm
                    espcrm commented
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                    You may want to consider trying AtroPIM, that 'version' seem to be more about Product share/stocking.