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  • Position List - Teams

    The hover info is
    • Available positions in this team. E.g. Salesperson, Manager.
    But I can't find it in the documentation

    Looks like a free form drop down? Is this basically a note field for job titles that make up this team?
    Does it have any connections or impact elsewhere?

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    That text is contained in the language file (in my case application/Espo/Resources/i18n/en_US/Team.json) for the Team entity. It's the tooltip that shows when you hover over the "positionList" attribute.

    It has no effect in the code per se. Language files just provide "human friendly" and language specific translations for labels, fields, links and other variables.

    Tip for searching code functionality:

    One suggestion for anyone looking for the location/functionality of a given piece of code, is to use your code editor or IDE and do a complete search of the code, when the keyword that you are searching for (like "Salesperson") is probably not going to be listed in many places.

    I use NetBeans as IDE and it has a great "Find in Projects" feature that allows me to search the full code base in seconds, and once I find the scripts where the word appear then I try to decipher what it does :-)
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      thanks telecastg, downloading NetBeans (and opneJave required files) now. I think I remember using something like this way back when working with SugarCRM. Totally forgot both it so glad you mentioned it.

      To follow up, what is the Position List for and how is it normally used?
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        Originally posted by crmclients View Post
        To follow up, what is the Position List for and how is it normally used?
        I honestly don't know, sorry, just looked it up in the code and finding it in the language file realized that it was the source for the tooltip but I have never used that I can recall.
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          No worries, maybe it's a the level of sales workers on the team.
          I think maybe it should say Job Title or Team Contains .... I thought Position has something to do with processing


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            Hi All,

            As I know the only one use of user team positions is in the Group Email Accounts,

            If you enabled create cases andselected Round-Robin or Least-Busy then you will see the team selection with its position.

            It is useful in the case you want only group of team's users to have assignments to the created cases.

            NOTE: The case in EspoCRM equals the Ticket in helpdesk systems

            Best Regards

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