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Real Estate Property - Hide panel "Matching Requests"

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  • Real Estate Property - Hide panel "Matching Requests"

    Hello, is it possible to hide the panel "Matching Requests" in the detail view?

    My solution:
    I already found: in \client\modules\real-estate\src\views\real-estate-property\record\detail-bottom.js you can change in Line 38 "hidden: true"
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    Yeah, my Matching Requests is quite blank, not sure how to use it. But you might need to look into how to do a Custom view, that way when you update Real Estate extension you don't need to go back and disable that again.

    Initially I thought we can just disable or move it in Layout Manager but upon a quick check it is not possible to do it through the GUI


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      Yep, it's totally possible to hide the "Matching Requests" panel in the detail view. I did the same tweak in my setup, and it worked like a charm! Just remember to change "hidden: true" in Line 38 of \client\modules\real-estate\src\views\real-estate-property\record\detail-bottom.js.

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        Can be hidden at Administration > Entity Manager > Property > Layouts > Bottom Panels.

        Matching Requests is the main feature of the Real Estate extension.