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  • Capture or report error in process

    Hello, in a process (bpm), when a message task fails (server not available for example), how can we capture that error? Is there a place to check those errors?

    Thank you.

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    For getting the error description on the EspoCRM side you need:
    1. Enable the 'DEBUG' mode as it described here
    2. After getting an error, investigate a log file

    If you don't have access to the file system on the server, then you need to ask a server support service to make these changes and provide you a log file. There is no option to get an error description via UI.
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      Hello Maximus, thanks for the answer.
      I knew that. What I wanted to know is if there is a Workflow/BPM event that allows me to capture an unexpected error, or something at the code level that I can implement to find out when a process has failed.
      I tried to create a workflow over BpmnUserTask but it doesn't trigger at least with the conditions I set, which are when the status is "finished" and BpmnFlowNode status is "failed".
      I created this post because the answer doesn't let me add images.


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        Please investigate my screenshots. Hope it will give you a few more ideas.
        As you may see, in my notification I set the link to BPM Flowchart that failed and point to the Target record. With this information, you can easily find this process in the BPM flowchart log.
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          Maximus, What's that green circle with a white arrow?

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        Tank you Maximus, I had tried something similar.