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Google gps tracking to the espocrm

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  • Google gps tracking to the espocrm


    Can we link google gps tracking to the espocrm ? is there any development ?

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    GPS? As in Longtitude and Latitude? Nope but eymen.elkum Map Plus got that feature, however I don't think it can automatic find those two data, you would have to input it somehow.

    Alternatively (I haven't tried this), maybe you can just write the two numbers in Street address, since it Google, it might be smart enough to find the coordinate.


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      Thank you espocrm to refer to my extension,

      I have not updated my store yet, this extension support google coordinate (but manually filled), in addition to support for displaying routes between addresses and autocomplete

      Just check this link:

      If you interested in life marker then I think we will need to use mobile app to send the coordinates to espocrm, if so please send me an email

      Best Regards
      Eblasoft Ltd.
      { Software Engineering }
      +90 536 689 1649


      • Nishan Perera
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        Thank you @eymen Can I have a username password to try this out.

      • eymen-elkum
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        demo , demo

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      I just briefly tested the feature, and it look like it can "Automatically" retrieve coordinate. Use that "search box". And it automatically fill in the address too!

      That rather is cool.

      Route system is nice.

      Originally posted by eymen-elkum View Post
      Thank you espocrm to refer to my extension,
      PS. I'm not exactly espoCRM, we 'share' the similar name.
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