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Allow Role-based ACL on Quote Items

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  • Allow Role-based ACL on Quote Items

    Situation: Need to prevent some users from discounting or in any way changing the pricing of a Quote Item when creating or editing a Quote. The default behavior allows all users authorized to create/edit a Quote Item to full edit privileges.

    The Quote Item does not allow ACL configuration via Administration → Roles. But if I use that as a model for what I seek there are a few roles that I would allow to see pricing and discount fields but not edit them.

    Any guidance on how this has been accomplished by others?

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    it is not supported for the item list fields.


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      Would I be able to accomplish this goal by customizing code? For example: hard code a unprivileged role table into client/modules/sales/src/quote-calculation-handler.js; if the user belongs to an unprivileged role then the calculation resets the list price, unit price to match the prices from the product for the item and the discount is set to zero.

      Obviously this might confuse the users, their changes being reset, but it would prevent unauthorized discounting.


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        I believe that hard code can help. But I suggest you first try an easier way. Try to create your own dynamic handler Hope it will help.