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  • Company News Dashlet

    I need to create a dashlet that I can display my company's new in for the homepage of the CRM. I'm looking for the simplest way to make this happen. My intention would be to manually update that information on the homepage of the CRM at regular intervals.

    Any help and direction would be appreciated.


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    You can try to create a new dashlet for this. Please read this


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      I guess the question would then be, once this dashlet is created, how to insert data (HTML) which helps spruce up the landing page in the CRM. It's pretty bland and I want salespeople to know they are logging into something other than the basic (pre-programmed) dashlet content,.

      Am I making sense?


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        This is planned for the future.

        For now, it requires creating a view file a putting IFRAME there.


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          Check this


          • Fehu
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            Thank you for that information yurikuzn. Looking at the file, where would I insert the tags for the iframe?

            Actually, I am quite confused. I am fairly green to this and thank you in advance for your help. Any step by step processes that don't lead to reference or option pages?

            As for typical view using "view":"views/dashlets/abstract/record-list"... would that be accurate for inserting an iframe which I would then manually insert html for the landing page content.

            Thanks for any help you can provide.
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          Incidentally Yurikuzn, I tried following the steps listed in this article: and had to create a number of folders and files, renaming my-dashlet to a custom name such as FehuDashlet. Once done I cleared cache and nothing appeared. Thoughts?


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            When you add a dashlet through UI, do you have your dashlet listed? That doc I wrote for you, not yet tested. There might be some typo.


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              Hi Yuri,
              I did it the way you wrote in the DOC. It works.
              One more question:
              I wanted to include a PHP.file (src="tests.php"). But the path is wrong. Which one you have to use.


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                I must be doing something incorrectly because I tried it and I could not get the dashlet to work.


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                  I got it to work, although having difficulties with width and height.

                  I have this, which doesn't seem right:

                  <iframe width="600" style="height:1000px" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>


                  I'm trying to get it as tall as the Stream Portlet