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  • Split revenues between users


    we are currently using Salesforce and are a bit unhappy as it is pretty expensive and we are just scratching the surface on using all their festures.
    Espo Looks Great so far but we are missing a split revenue feature that splits an opportunity among different users (BaseX on their Marktes).
    Would you know how to cope with that request?


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    Hi Christian,

    There's no such a feature. You can have multiple assigned users in opportunity ( But if you need to be able to specify the percentage of revenue for each user it will require more complex customization.


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      Hi yurikuzn Would you be able to implement something like this for us? And if so, how much would you take for doing it? We plan do host ourselves.


      • xsign
        xsign commented
        Editing a comment
        If I understand correctly, there won't be any custom development needed, but correct me if I am wrong.
        We did something "similar" that might work in this case too.

        New Entity - lets call it "revenue split" - with relationship to opportunity
        This entity would have a field to assign a user (user reference), possibility to add percentage (0-100) number field, and a value number field again

        Then you would leverage workflows (part of Advanced pack), and you would define rules to calculate the revenue or possibly BPM process? because it might be a bit more complex.

        There you would cover scenarios like:
        New revenue split added to opportunity > update revenue split's resulting value (percentage of the opportunity value)
        or New opportunity added > add revenue split with 100% and user assigned to revenue split is the one who is owner of the opportunity

        Sure, it will require to update the revenue splits then manually to make them match 100%, e.g. you add third revenue split of 20% whilst the other two were 50%, you would need to recalculate the others - but chances are you would be able to use workflows for this calculation too quite easily actually.

        And then you would generate reports based on the revenue splits, user and opportunities won.

        I might be missing something but I think it should be doable by just configuration.