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Can the Contact entity be cloned/copied?

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  • Can the Contact entity be cloned/copied?


    I need to create a custom Person-type entity with all the functionality of the Contact entity. I’ve created a new Person type entity but can’t add all the relationships to it that Contact has. For instance, I can’t replicate the relationship to Email as there’s no Parent-to-Children option and I can’t create a relationship with Target List at all as it doesn’t appear in the drop down list.

    Could you please advise if this is possible at all?


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    Parent-Children relationships can not be specified within the Administration panel, in order to "clone" Contact as NewPerson, after you have created NewPerson through the Administration panel, you need to do a little development:

    Compare the contents of Contact's metadata json files:

    ("Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Contact.json" and "Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Contact.json")

    to the custom NewPerson metadata json files:

    ("custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/NewPerson.json" and "custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/NewPerson.json")

    add json elements to each as required to make files match, adapting all references to point to "NewPerson" instead of to "Contact"

    rebuild the application
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      Fantastic, thanks telecastg, I'll give it a go.

      Update: I did as you suggested and I now have a relationship with Email so thanks for that telecastg. Unfortunately, though, I still can't create a relationship with Target Lists - any ideas on how to do this?

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        This question has been asked before:
        but I was hoping someone could provide something a bit more specific please