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How Can I turn off validation email address between leads?

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  • How Can I turn off validation email address between leads?

    Hi EspoCRM Team
    How can I turn off validation beetween leads. For example:
    I;ve created one lead with email address and when I want create another one with the same email addres I have error 502.
    Can you please assist me how resolve that an issue ?

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    Hi Bartek,

    Do you create through API? You can add

    "forceDuplicate": true

    to your payload.

    Note, I plan to change this behavior in future.


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      Hi Yuri,
      No, I don't use API. We create manually new leads and that error show us when we want create third lead with the same param.
      Here I've put URL with video with error and console.(latest post)
      Hi, I need a way to add new leads with the same name as another lead. Right now adding a new lead with the same name as another will give me error 502. We take


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        You supposed to see a popup. It seems that your server removes "X-Status-Reason" header from the response due some reason.


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          What might be a reason? Wrong PHP version ? What exactly I should ask support of my hosting ?


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            I don't know.


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              Hi yuri
              I did not deal with the problem.
              Can you please help me ?

              apache version Server version: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)

              EspoCRM: 5.5.1 ( I;ve updated to 5.5.6 )
              Advanced Pack: 1.33.3
              Here you find video with console:

              Atached you find a logs:
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                And logs from Espo while created another laed with the same param.
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