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Multiple / Duplicate leads - Error 502 Workaround

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  • Multiple / Duplicate leads - Error 502 Workaround

    Hi, I need a way to add new leads with the same name as another lead. Right now adding a new lead with the same name as another will give me error 502.
    We take a record of every call that comes in and sometimes the caller does not give us their name. So, we just use a generic John Doe name or make one up everytime. But that isn't the best solution for this.

    So, Is there a workaround for adding multiple leads with the same name or maybe a better solution for this?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    As I understood you use API. There must be error 409. You need to pass forceDuplicate: true with your payload to prevent the error.


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      No, we are not using the API for this. Just entering records manually.
      If we enter in more that 3 leads using the same name we get back the 502 error.

      Right now, we are manually adding an arbitrary number after the last name to get around this. For example: "John Doe 123"

      This is what the console displays when we try to save using a duplicate name.
      /api/v1/Lead 502 (Bad Gateway)
      send    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:4
      ajax    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:4
      e.ajax    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:6
      e.sync    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:6
      sync    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:5
      save    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:5
      save    @    VM385:392
      actionSave    @    VM383:62
      click .button-container .action    @    VM384:121
      dispatch    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:3
      r.handle    @    espo.min.js?r=1464344291485:3


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        I don't remember any logic in EspoCRM that could produce 502 error. Maybe it's a server specific issue?


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          Hi, I have the same error 502 when I want create third lead with the same e-mail address and name or surname. I also don't use API. Yuri is possible bypass that an issue and disable validation mentioned data ?

          Here is a video:
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            what is in server error log?
            what is server configuration about error handle?


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              Hi Tanya,
              I did not deal with the problem.
              apache version Server version: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)

              EspoCRM: 5.5.1
              Advanced Pack: 1.33.3

              Atached you find a logs:
              Attached Files
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