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Create a report filter for Date Start of Yesterday

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  • Create a report filter for Date Start of Yesterday

    Hello All,

    I am trying to create a simple list report, that shows calls with a start date of yesterday.

    In report filter, I have tried many iterations of complex expressions. The one I thought would work was two filters:
    The first one was complex Date Function on Date Start using Less Than: datetime\addDays(datetime\today(), -1)
    And a second one using Greater Than: datetime\addDays(datetime\today(), -2)
    but this doesn't work I just get no data. The closest I can get is a simple field filter of Date Start Last 1 Days, but this shows today's and yesterday's calls.

    Is there a way I can filter for a Date Start of yesterday only?

    Thank you.

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    You can create this filter via the next Complex expression: datetime\date(datetime\addDays(datetime\today(), -1)). Set the parameters shown on the 3.png.
    Also, you can create such report with setting Runtime Filters that shown on the 1.png and 2.png.
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      Thank you for your reply, this gave me a strange result. I got all the calls that are scheduled for any month but yesterdays date (in this case the 10th). I can't use a runtime filter because this is an email report.

      As far as Last X days = 1 I tend to get today's AND yesterday's calls.

      I find it sort of mind boggling that it is this hard to get reporting for the day previous.



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        I got what I wanted by using the above filter and another filter for Current Month, but it would be nice if Yesterday was a bult-in time filter.

        Thanks again.