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Name is different for List and detail view

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  • Name is different for List and detail view

    Hi, when i put the field „name“ in the layout of the detail view, it is salutationName+firstName+lastName. In the list view it is only firstName+lastName. For I use the salutationName for academic or other titels, it would be better when in the list view also would be shown the name like it is shown in the detail view. How can I manage this? Regards Michael

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    You can try to add Salutation field to the list view in Administration > Layout manager > Contacts > List > drag and drop Salutation to the Enabled section > Save.


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      Hi, thank you. I meant that the "name" filed ist automatically generated. I don't want to use separate fields like firstName and lastName. But for detail view and list view this field is different. When I put the name field in layout manager in detail view, it is combined from salutaionName, FirstName and lastName. When I put the name field in list view, its only firstName and lastName.


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        you need to override Person Name field.
        If you need it for Contacts list view only, you can override Contact service and define name field in loadAdditionalFieldsForList (on the forum you can find the similar topics)
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