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BPM Flowchart and Notifications

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  • BPM Flowchart and Notifications

    I set up a test flowchart with a conditional start event and a user task. This wasn't working on in my environment, no notification that I could see and i could not find how to manually get to the user task screen in my environment or the demo without going through the notification link. Just to confirm I was doing everything properly I logged into the demo site and recreated this and it worked like charm and gave me a notification.

    any advise?

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    Well the notification finally showed up 40 minutes later even though the Scheduled Jobs --> Process Pending Flows is set to run every 1 minute.
    I checked the scheduled job logs and show it ran successfully every minute the entire time.
    What could cause it to be delayed for nearly 40 minutes?


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      Could you provide a screenshot of your flowchart and screenshot of log on the ended process (in the bottom on the detail view). Thanks.


      • khopper
        khopper commented
        Editing a comment
        I will try to recreate it, I found a workaround / alternative to what I wanted to accomplish for now.