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Linking certain emails from 3rd party email clients

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  • Linking certain emails from 3rd party email clients

    Hello, I am new to EspoCRM and am just going through the testing of the software. So far, it seems really good, and am pleased to see a community helping each other out.

    In our office, we're using outlook, roundcube and some other 3rd party email clients. Is there a way to forward a certain email to EspoCRM if you'd like to have it logged into the history? Is there a BCC functionality? Also, do the links email to contacts OR can they be linked to specific opportunities so they show up under the history tab for that particular opportunity.

    Appreciate everyone's help & insight into this matter.

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    About an external client:

    You can setup a Group Email Account in EspoCRM that will monitore a certain mailbox. So all emails with bcc addressed to that mailbox will be imported into the crm.


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      Hi yuri Thank you for your response. We are actually interested in being able to forward specific emails to the CRM rather than having the entire mailbox being imported into the CRM. Is there an ability to forward specific emails by forwarding to a specific email inbox that gets automatically imported into the CRM? Secondly, would these emails tag to the contact the email is being sent to? Are we able to tag it to the specific opportunities within the account level?

      To give some additional background, there will be times that we'll work with the same client, however, have multiple projects on the go. As a result, we'll have project-specific discussions that would be required to be linked into CRM and would like project specific discussions to tag to the appropriate opportunities (projects) in the CRM. Is that possible?


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        There is only an ability to monitore a specific mailbox. Since emails will be sent out of CRM there is no an ability automatically link these emails with a corresponding opportunity.


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          The functionallity that you need can only be achieved with a plugin for a specific email client. We don't have such plugins.


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            Hi there, do emails link to contacts OR associate themselves to opportunities?