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Use of Approval Process

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  • Use of Approval Process

    We bought an advanced package. We do not know how to use the approval process. Do you have educational videos about this? Or can you briefly describe it? For example, lead transfer requests. If the manager approves, we will change the defined user. So we have to have our approval process.

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    bpmn documentation is here

    User Task stops execution until the user (specified explicitly or by assignment rule) resolves the task. Process User Task record will be created in the system. By default there are three action types: Approve, Review, Accomplish.
    • Approve type requires the user to chose between 'Approved' and 'Declined'.
    • Review type gives only one option: 'Reviewed'.
    • Accomplish type has two options: 'Completed' and 'Failed'.
    The user assigned to the created Process User Task record will receive in-app notification. Administrator can also enable email notifications.

    It's possible to read the resolution of the passed user task within diverging gateways or conditional events, making ramification in the process flow.

    The easiest example - when the new email is income, a moderator has to approve it and after this the case will be created.


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      Thank you for your information.


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        Other better example, if you want to catch approve and decline action and separate the actions


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          Yeah! This is really a better example. Thank you.


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            The last reply by Tanya solved my issue. Is there a way to use the approval resolution without an event catching gateway? The documentation doesn't show it that way.


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              It can be achieved with an exclusive gateway since user task stops execution of the flow.