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Knowledge base search no longer searches folders

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  • Knowledge base search no longer searches folders

    I noticed about two months ago that the KB search stopped returning results if the articles were in folders. Is that the intended behavior? It used to be that every article was listed in the KB section by default and then the list could be filtered by clicking on folders. Now it's the opposite: no articles are shown unless I click on a folder/category that has been explicitly added to the individual article. That makes the search function very difficult to understand for users. The way it was before worked very well: every article was shown and searched by default and categories could optionally be added for better organization. How do I get that functionality back?

    I'm using Espo 5.0.1 and I think this started happening around 4.8.4 or possibly a little earlier. I did not modify any files or behaviors. It was due to an upgrade to the core software.
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    You can expand folder contents by clicking on the folder icon. State will be stored so no need to click every time.

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      Perfect. Thanks.