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  • Visibility of activities for teams

    Hey everybody,

    maybe someone can help me with setting visibility of activities for teams.
    When I create a task, a meeting or a phone call it will be displayed in the calender for the „Assigned User“ but not in the calendar for the assigned „Teams“.
    The only way I found to make meetings and phone calls visible is using the field „Users“ ind the „Attendees“ section. Then it appears in the calendar. Tasks does not have these field.
    My question: What can I do to display all kind of activities for teams?

    Thanks in advance,

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    What about shared calendar?
    What is a calendar? How does it function? Why should I use it? In this video tutorial: Discover all the calendar functions, find out how to create events, set their time and duration, how to use shared calendars, change events in the calendar of a particular user or add calendar dashlet to a dashboa...


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      Hi Tanya,

      shared calendar is working but is not what I need. We have teams like support or sales that work together on customers.
      So all activities are set to one assigned user and to the corresponding team.

      Using the shared calendar is a little bit annoying, because I can't have an overview for week or month. And each team have about 100 activities per month.
      The shared calendar is good to check activities for the rest of the company.

      So the normal calendar view (month and week) is quite good but all activities for the team should appear there. Can you please help?

      Best reagrds


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        Can please someone help me? This problem is a real showstopper in migration.
        Also payed support is possible/welcome.



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          the only way I see, you need to develop it. You can use current Calendar as example and create own view for your needs


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            Hi Tanya,

            is there any kind of documentation how this can be done?


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              Here you can find all existing documentation. Not so much, but ...
              current Calendar backend you can find in application/Espo/Modules/Crm
              frontend in client/modules/crm/src/views/calendar

              also similar topic
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