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Authentication error using LDAP for live and sandbox on same server

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  • Authentication error using LDAP for live and sandbox on same server

    I have 2 installations of ESPOCRM on one server

    Live is at

    and sandbox is at

    Sandbox was created by duplicating the db and file structure as there were already configurations in the files I wanted to move to sandbox and I needed a matching data set to test with to so I exported the DB and reimported with a new DB name/

    Both have LDAP authentication set up and working. The idea is that live has our working data set that our staff use every day and sandbox is where the steering group for CRM and I play with things like page breaks in quote templates, splitting quotes in to multiple invoices, setting up new entities for contracts BEFORE we put them in to live.

    However I have a problem with authentication.

    I can log in to live and it works fine

    I can log into sandbox and it works fine

    If I log in to live, and then log in to sandbox at the same time this is where the problems start
    If I close the browser, then reopen it and go back to live I get an auth error. Both live and sandbox authenticate against the same Active directory and I use the same account to log in to both. Because I'm authenticating against LDAP after a couple of attempts it locks out my active directory account which in turn blocks me at the web proxy so I can no longer log into my PC or get on the internet.

    Looking at the "local storage" in Firefox the data for my crm installation only appears to be recorded against and doesn't appear to take into account both of the sub directories having different installations. I did a quick test loading live in Chrome and sandbox in Firefox and this didn't appear to have the same issue.

    Is there a site unique identifier that is created an installation that I missed because I replicated the folder structure and DB that I can change now to stop this authentication issue? There are users that will require access to the sandbox for testing that do not have the option of using a separate browser for each.

    I need to be able to log into both installations on the same server from the same browser


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    try to create subdomains for this