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  • Login Portal User

    I created a portal user. Is not an administrator or other role. Just only portal user.

    The problem start with the login page. Username and password are correct but Espocrm answer "Wrong username/password"

    If I change the role from "portal user" to "administrator" then I could do it without any errors.

    Anyway, Im going to explain my idea.

    I want to register customers to portal who can follow their own streams.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You need to have Portal created and user added to that Portal.


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      Thanks yurikuzn, I did it.

      I created the portal but... I dont want to disturb you. Sure is some documentation about how to do it... but I dont found on the Internet.

      I want to my customer they can enter in their own portals and view "Activities" between they and us.

      My steps:

      1.- New Portal (View conf. in attached file)
      2.- New Rol (idem)
      3.- Assign rol and portal to user

      But when I login the customer account, I view the stream of activities "empty" but Already have a stream I created before in the main portal as Admin account...

      Thanks again.


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        Navigation bar is empty because you selected only Account for navbar. But in Role you didn't enabled Account.


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          Sream shows only items of records that user follows.
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            Perfect. I will read the documentation. Thanks, your information is very important for me. Good Work! I started to learn this CRM yesterday... maybe I have to start for the begining!

            No more questions.