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dashboard layout problems

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  • dashboard layout problems

    Hi guys, first off all, wonderfull app you made !!
    now i'm configurating this as administrator and when I go to :
    administration : userinterface
    then you can change your dashboard layout, works perfect !

    but when I login as a normal user, then I can not see the same dashboard, but the standard one.
    and if I then go right upper corner to preferences
    you can change some stuff, but the dashboard layout is not visible for that user, so impossible to change it.

    any idea what I do wrong or how to solve this problem?

    thx for any tip or clue how to do it.


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    That's because you configured Default Layout. But existing users have their own layout. You can configure it in Preferences of specific user (Available for admin). Administration > Users > Click needed user > Preferences button. This feature is available since version 4.1.4. You also can reset all references to defaults.

    Or login as user and change layout.


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      perfect man ! solved this for me.
      ps now that we talk about dashboards, is this possible?
      I create an administrator and also a CEO user.
      then I created a team called : Sales.
      under sales i have 3 test users.
      each have their own leads, clients, contacts....

      can I, as CEO user set my dashboard so I can see everybody his/her leads, contact, etc on my CEO dashboard?

      and thx for your superfast help again, :-)


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        There is no such a dashlet out-of-the-box. But it's achievable through Reports feature (available in Advanced Pack). You create List Report that will show Leads filtered by specified criteria. You can make this Report record readable only for CEO user (access control provided by Roles feature). Then you will be able to add dashlet showing that report.


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          thx man


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            yuri How do you reset all user dashboards to use the default dashlets? I can't figure it out.


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              Oh, I see the reset button. I was looking for something specifically for dashlets, but now I see that the whole preferences page has to be reset.