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Mail folders are opening slowly

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  • Mail folders are opening slowly

    Hi All,

    Our EspoCRM system is quite fast every page opens under 2 seconds.
    But there must be some issue when we open email folders. Most of the time it is 5+ seconds at least, sometimes it gives timeout which is very fustrating.
    All personal mail accounts are set up with IMAP and SMTP all tests are ok.
    We use Zimbra as an email server.
    Could you help me troubleshooting this?​

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Blaz, What do you mean by Mail folders? There are multiple things in Espo that may fall under this term.


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      I have attached a picture. I mean like the "Inbox", "Trash", "Draft" "Sent" etc.
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        A few questions.

        What EspoCRM version?

        MariaDB or MySQL?

        Does it happen for admin users too?

        If not, what access level for Emails for users? teams or own?


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          What EspoCRM version? - It is 5.6.14 (I know it is a little bit old)

          MariaDB or MySQL? - MariaDB version: mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.48-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2

          Does it happen for admin users too? - Yes for admin user as well.

          If not, what access level for Emails for users? teams or own? - Create: yes, Read: all, Edit: own, Delete: no, Stream: team.​ Every user is using their own personal email accounts. Some users have multiple personal mail accounts. We have only one group email account.
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            I'd recommend to consider upgrading first. There were a lot of changes and optimizations.

            MariaDB is OK. It's faster with list operations in Espo, but with newer versions.


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              I see yes it should be upgraded. We have the advanced pack installed because we are using Workfows. When I installed the advanced pack we bought a license which is valid until the next upgrade. Now I see 1 year licence + upgrades and 2 years licence + upgrades. Does it mean if I upgrade and install the pack again we can use it for one year only not until the next upgrade?


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                Correct. Advanced Pack is on a subscription basis now.