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  • Recurring Tasks

    Set up a task to be repeated every month, every week, etc. For example: generate invoices the 20th of each month.

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    Any thoughts about this?


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      EspoCRM doesn't have recurring events. You can try to do this with workflow (included to Advanced Pack)


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        Thank you for your answer Tanya. We are thinking to buy the advanced pack and didn't know we can achieve this. Just to make sure, can you confirm that I can create recurring tasks/events every month/week in an easy way?


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          Workflow has trigger type Schedeled where you can set a scheduling rule as crontab and action type Create Entity. you can test it there


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            Hello Espo team, Hello community,

            Does anyone has ever implemented to add recurring option to the espocrm tasks ? In many cases, using workflow seems like a hammer to kill a fly.

            Thank you,


            EDIT : I see a lot of posts asking for the same thing, with no update at the end of each discussion feed. Where are we now with this cold-hot topic ?
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            • espcrm
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              Welcome xador! Yes, officially it is somewhere on the backlog, when? When yuri have time and considered it a useful feature I guess.


              1) Need paid official extension Workflow and supposedly it is possible from there.
              2) Need paid 3rd party extension that can do this that. But the store is Euro only, and if I convert that to my country the expense is a tad too high to get approval to buy.
              3) Do it yourself (!?!??!) might be possible. I'm exploring this possible using formula in the upcoming weeks once I do more customization. Not sure when yet.

              Good luck!

            • Kharg
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              espcrm I think I will start working on something after I finish working on my huge backlog. Still needs some ideas for the UI tho.

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            Thank you for your answer !

            My use case was for a task of recurring invoice. We have delegated that to the accounting software : Quickbooks, which is more tied to that goal.




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              xador I finally got around to doing it now that I understand formula a bit better!

              Here is the result of my work:
              In the future this thread will be use for discussion; the Wiki hosted on Github will be used instead to post update; please see: Part 2 of this post can be found here: (

              There is one more thing I probably will do though, create a record "Task" or "Meeting" for the employee to chase up the payment or to check if payment have been received.

              Look like you using some sort of accounting as well and I think this formula very closely match what you want to do, or give you some idea and enlightenment.

              From my testing, it doing what I want, as I play with it, I will get 'bug' which I slowly will fix it.

              Kharg Above is my "code skill-less" result. It recurring basis on the concept of "Paid" not being received. Not the best and need to do this for each Entity whereas I think an Extension can just do it with a

              Mouse Click of "Yes Recurring and When". Enjoy your weekend upcoming up!
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