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Feature request: Ability to make a panel readOnly

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  • Feature request: Ability to make a panel readOnly


    It would be great if this could be added, it is quite often useful when certain condition happen in a record you would want to make the panels (Bottom Panels - Side Panels and Middle Panels) ReadOnly.

    ReadOnly Panels means that you can't create a record from the panel (Create button disabled / hidden) also you can't select or use any custom actions (deactivating any actions on the panel). maybe as an extension if the panel layout is a list layout then maybe apply a a view only rowActions to the list record. Purpose is to make records on the panel read only so use can't relate (select) or create any new related record on a panel.

    This could be done through dynamic logic or via code on a custom record/detail view and on other views like bottomView / sideView / middleView.

    I think this option will be great addition as sometimes it is needed to allow the users to access certain record but can only view their detail when that record meet a certain condition. one of the main use case is when the account is archived, the account should still be accessible but the record detail view is read only and so all the bottomView panels / sideView panels and even middleView panels if they exist.

    Thank you
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    Any news ?
    really will be a nice must have feature.


    • yuri
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      No news. Having a lot of work.

    • item
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      Hi Yuri,
      if you think : this feature can be added to roadmap .. this is a very good news for us

    • yuri
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      We have too many in the list. This feature is not easy to implement, there're too many things to consider and revise. I'd be happy to not to add anything new to the todo list for now. For a year or even more. Really too many things. Need somehow force myself not to open the Feature Requests. I've been trying to tell it for long.
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