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Apply template to report automatically & send report to contacts

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  • Apply template to report automatically & send report to contacts

    We are sending reports to different parties in our crm and currently we are limited to use only template manager existing templates to send the report which is limited because every report sent to is unique. e.g if we have reports for our clients / partners / leads etc so we have different report templates for each entity etc...

    Allow sending reports to existing contacts would really help, instead to creating a portal (inactive user) just for the purpose to be able to send them reports automatically, it would be nice to be able to send reports to selected contacts.

    I thought would share this to see if it is something you would consider.


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    Hello rabii
    you could simply generate a PDF report through formula and attach it to email.
    Here you have an example:
    Hi, thanks for watching our video!Previous video: this tutorial we’ll walk you through:- Intro- How to create new PDF template...


    • rabii
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      Thanks for sharing, i am talking about email sending option on report which schedule a report to be sent at certain time automatically.

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    rabii why you can't do it with Flowchart?


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      I am not trying to send only a report and apply email template to it, i am asking if the team will consider adding an option to select/set an email template configuring report email sending option. see screenshoot.
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        rabii i understand what you mean. I'm just trying to explain to you, that it can be already achieved by using formulas and flowcharts
        Instead of having table in email message, it'll be included in PDF file.


        • rabii
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          thank you emillod i appreciate your help. it will require a lot of work to do it, e.g if i am sending a report to John every Thursday at 1.30. it means i have to create a report and schedule a scheduled flowchart to send an email using Formula script etc

          it is a hussle and there will be risk of having issue. that is why i suggest such feature to avoid creating unnecessary portal user (inactive) to send them report automatically.

          If you have any better idea i will appreciate it but i can't think of a proper clean way to do this using formula script and bpmn.

          Thanks for your help
          much appreciated