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Access to the invalid email address property

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  • Access to the invalid email address property

    Hi, please can I have access to the "invalid email address" property. It seems that the "opt out" flag is available, but I cannot seem to get access to the "invalid email address".

    Can it be available in:
    • Filters for list screens
    • Mass updates
    • Imports
    • Exports for list screens
    • Exports for reports
    • Report filters and display
    • BPM Script

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    Taras is it possible to get your feedback on this one please. I have a lot of records with this flag set and need to make decisions upon it.



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      If I understand correctly you want to close access to "invalid email address"?
      Well, probably the easiest option is to delete unnecessary addresses.

      There is another option to make the field untouchable if it is "invalid", but it will not work with exports and imports.

      And generally invalid does not mean you cannot access it.
      Invalid address will be reflected in reports, you will need to make a separate filter so as not to see them.


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        The issue is that the "invalid email address" is not available in filters, exports, reports, BPM or anywhere else that I can find in the system.

        The only place it seems to exist is in the user interface (i.e. clicking the icon) and in the physical database which I don't have access to as I use the SaaS product.


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          Do you want invalid address were available in import and export files ?
          Just how then it should look so that the system understands that it is invalid...
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            I would like them in Export files along with the flag indicating that they are invalid.

            I would like to be able to filter based upon the flag.

            I would like to be able to access the flag in BPM. If the email address was once valid, is now invalid, then they probably don't work there anymore, so I want to set the "Inactive" flag on the Contact's account.

            Basically, I want to be able to access the flag.


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              Hi Taras, can I get your feedback on this please? I need to be able to process this data in the near term.



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                Hi Mat,

                Unfortunately, this can be added quickly. We have VERY lot of work right now and this feature is not a no-brainer that can be added easily.

                I believe it's possible to fetch an invalid address using formula script record\findOne function.


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                  Hi yuri and Taras this has now cropped up again. I have several hundred contacts that generate bounced email because they have left. So, I need a way of updating their email address in the system to be "invalid" so that no more emails are sent to them.

                  How do you propose this is done?

                  I have a CSV file with 2 columns, ID (Contact) and Email Address (that is invalid).


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                    Hi If I understand you correctly, and just for a quick fix.I had a similar problem with a different CRM with invalid emails and the workaround was this.
                    Create a field in EspoCrm to flag the invalid email like "InvalidEmail"
                    In your CSV file create a column titled the same "InvalidEmail"
                    Next to each invalid email in your CSV file under column "InvalidEmail" enter "X".
                    Then if you import by "merge" and can merge by email or ID only, it will only import the "X" value in the field "InvalidEmail" into Espocrm.
                    Then in Espo you know every contact that has an "X" in the field "InvalidEmail", is an invalid email. You can then do some expresion from there to manipulate what you want?
                    Maybe this idea will help, I dont know if it will work with Espo, Hope so.


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                      You can access invalid email on the system but not sure if you can export them. go to Administration / Email Addresses then you can add a filter invalid and just chose yes or no or any.

                      good luck