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  • Save filter options and do it automaticaly

    Hy there, thanks for the tool. I'm happy with it and I use it quiet every day. So, thanks.

    I have the following request:
    Any time I enter the tool I set all filters to a certain value. For example: In Task I would like to see all task that should be closed before tomorrow. Therfore I set the date to 27.5.21 and the status to "still open".
    When I close the application this settings are lost. So I have to do it every time I log in.

    It would be nice, if this settings are stored automaticaly and after login will be applied.

    If you don't know what Im talking about, than it's because of my perfect english

    In this case, contact me.

    Kind regards, Alessandro

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    You can save your filter after you create them. After you write your filter click on the "All" button at top left area and "Save Filter"


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      Thank you fore this hint. I didn't know it, sorry. One more thing: I would like to filter all task that are in the past including today. In the filter "date" I can select "past" or "today". But not "past including today". The workaround is, that I select "before tomorrow". Because "tomorrow" change everyday it is not a option to save the filter. Any idea? Kind regards and thanks for the support, Alessandro


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        Not sure, and it doesn't seem like you can do multiple filter as well (e.g. do two Date search). I leave this to someone else who can help you; sound like you probably have to code it to support "Past + Today option"


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          That's a great idea. Thank you.


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            Hi Alessandro,

            Do you use incognito mode in your browser? Filter parameters are supposed to be stored in the local storage of the browser.


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              Hi Yuri, I don't use the incognito mode. One thing I do is, that the browser clear the cache when exit.
              To save my specific filter options helped me allready. And if there will be a filter option with "past including today" then I super happy :-)

              I will check if your hint will change something that I didn't know yet. Regards, Alessandro