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  • Enhanced Dynamic Logic

    Free plugin that enhances Espo's Dynamic Logic capabilities with three improvements:

    1) Ability to change a field's css specifications (background color, text color, font weight, etc) based on Dynamic Logic conditions.

    2) Ability to view the changed css in detail and in list views.

    3) Ability to use the current User attributes (isAdmin, isPortal and Team membership) as conditions to apply Dynamic Logic directives (standard like visibility, readonly, etc. or the new css specifications) to a record.

    This plug in can be downloaded here:

    See the README page for installation and use instructions.

    The enhanced Dynamic Logic capabilities are not accessible form the Administration module, they require modifications to an entity's clientDefs and record views, but hopefully the Espo development team will find these improvements useful and can integrate them into future versions.
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    I look forward to an upstream merge!


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      Thanks telecastg
      i will try.. front-end is not my skill


      • espcrm
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        Hopefully someone will help. Reading the readme at the moment and it still it will require copy/paste or coding at this stage. Looking forward to updates.

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      Hello everyone, just released version 1.0.2 which adds the ability to use Roles as a dynamic logic condition.

      By the way, I have also been experimenting with the EXCELLENT dynamic handler feature and in my opinion will help a lot improving form design and user experience. I highly recommend checking on it. I am experimenting using it as a "front end" hook not just to manipulate fields appearance but also to actually modify the model on the fly based on user interactions.

      Saludos :-)


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        Hello telecastg,
        It would be very good if the user ID was a condition for 3) .


        • telecastg
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          Hello Peter, do you mean the actual user ID record number ?. It would be possible but you would have to hard code the number in the entity's clientDefs. Can you tell me more about the business case/application that you have in mind ?.
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        I also recommend using dynamic handler:

        It's not planned to implement an ability to check user fields in dynamic logic. It's built in a way that only fields of the current record can be used.