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  • Findings from CRM package reviews

    We conducted a extensive testing and review of the following products and list here a few items which we think can improve the outlook, functionality and maturity of the Espocrm product;

    Products tested
    Yeti - product appear to be a good fork from Vitger. Very cumbersome setup configuration. Dont like customization features.
    SuiteCRM - product is a fork from Sugarcrm. Hopeless documentation. Had to fumble through the software. Loses all the help when we backup and restore. UI for installing personnel very cryptic
    X2CRM - Fantastic product. Setback is support and development seems to have halted.
    Espocrm - Fantastic product, very user friendly. Documentation not comprehensive in many areas and especially the Advance Pack (very skimpy). After review we have the following initial suggestion:

    (1) Lookup Tables so the lookup can be reused and updated easily. The enum datatype is good but can be a real pain in the neck if the look is used in multiple places. Maintenance becomes a nightmare for User Tech Staff.
    (2) Relationship Link between entities should define the linking key field. In creating a link between two entities, the foreign field(s) should be defined in the relationship setup and not hack the code or json files.

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    1 - do you mean by lookup tables the list option list resources of the enum fields? if so I think we can do this in more simple way, like adding an option to the enum field to pick up another enum options
    also we can add an option to mark this enum as a resource option list, so the later enums can pick it
    2 - up to the relationship, in fact you already can set the relation name: if the relation name you set is packet for example, then the id in php will be packetId and database will be packet_id
    if you set it to mainPacket for ex then the relation key will be: mainPacketId in php and main_packet_id in the database
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      Could you let us know which exactly topics of the documentations need adding more details?

      Thanks for your review


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        Hi Ayman and Yurikuzn

        Thank you for the response. I am preparing a review document on espocrm. I will forward you the shortfalls in espocrm for your consideration before we publish in IT Central Station which has a large number of following.